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2018 AYC Harbor Regatta Race Report

We had 4 boats participate in the AYC Harbor Regatta this past Saturday. Caroline, Halcyon, Magic and Skimmer. The start to the first race was delayed for about 1 1/2 hours due to lack of wind. The AYC Race Committee finally got a race started in 5-7 knots of wind with a weather leg of .4 miles at 55 degrees. It was a windward/leeward twice around with a downwind finish. 3 Alerions competed; Halcyon, Skimmer and Magic, with the finish positions in that order. 

The second race was the same course only a .5 mile weather leg at 90 degrees. Caroline, Magic and Skimmer started the second race. The wind began to die half way through the second race and the Race Committee shortened course and finished the Harbor 20's and the Herreshoff 12.5's after two legs. Unfortunately, since the Alerions had already rounded the leeward mark, the Race Committee had to try and finish our fleet's race at the windward mark, which would have been after three legs. Caroline and Magic withdrew and

Skimmer, after slugging along for a long time in extremely light wind and major power boat wake, the committee announced that the time limit had expired, before Skimmer could reach the finish line. Since no boats were scored for the second race. Halcyon won the Regatta with Skimmer second and Magic third.

Official results at

- Jack Detweiler

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