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2015 Fleet Rendezvous: Image

2015 Fleet Rendezvous

June 13, 2015

The Fleet ventured north of the Bay bridges for its annual rendezvous on Saturday, June 13. Five Alerions, their owners and guests met at the red channel marker “90” south of the bridges for an 8.2 mile point-to-point race to Gibson Island in the Magothy River.  Jim and Terry Ulmer were our hosts for the weekend, assisted by Paul Rohrkemper who served as race committee on his power boat.

Four AE28’s from the western shore, Escape (Jim Kizziar), Halcyon (Jason Goscha), Resilient (Bob Spann and Beth Whiteley) and Skimmer (Jack and Marti Detweiler) were joined by an Oxford-based boat, SWMBO (Jim Brodsky). Guests Coop Rees and Art Dent crewed on Escape and SWMBO, respectively.

Unfortunately, it was an all too typical summer day on the Chesapeake, with hot temperatures, high humidity and almost no wind.  After getting off to a slow start in the lightest of winds from the southeast, the current began to flood and help move the boats towards the first mark 3.1 miles to the north.  Skimmer was first off the line and held the lead through the twin spans.  Between the bridges, the wind picked up and the current strengthened. By staying in the center of the shipping channel  and challenging a large car carrier heading down the Bay, Escape was able to take over the lead.

Once away from the bridges, however, the wind died away to a zephyr.  By common consent of the racers anxious to get to their moorings at the Gibson Island Yacht Squadron’s new Boathouse and to a shower, racing was abandoned at the first mark, with Escape declared the winner.

After washing away the sun tan lotion and changing into fresh clothes, the racers met their hosts Jim and Terry Ulmer, owners of Zephyr, at the Club House for cocktails and dinner.  Joining them were David Gantz and Cate Fagan, owners of Orion, Jonah Seiger and Bara Vaida, owners of Magic and family members Renee Kizziar, Karin Rees, Stacey Anderson and Jason and her son, Finley.  Between courses, Paul Rohrkemper presented Jim Kizziar with an engraved silver tray for his first place finish and Jim Brodsky and his crew Art Dent with Alerion Yachts hats for Jim’s award-winning sunburn.  Jim volunteered to organize next year’s Rendezvous on the Eastern Shore.

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