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Rigging Refit

October 7, 2015

From the log of Jim Luke's Rampant:

Last fall, after 18 years of faithful service in all kinds of weather, I decided the time had come to change out the shrouds and stays on my Alerion. In addition, there was wear on the mast where riggers had climbed and where the mast had been pulled several times to determine the cause of difficult mainsail hoisting.

I used Annapolis Rigging for the project and understand mine was the second Alerion-28 rig they refitted in 2014.

The mast and Hoyt boom were pulled last November after the boat was put up for the winter. The hardware was removed from the mast and the paint stripped. The anodized hardware with wear was re-anodized, and the mast and both booms were Awlgripped in the color originally used by Hall Spars. The rig was reinstalled this spring before the boat was launched.

It went without a hitch. The mast and both booms look brand new. The planning and attention to detail that went into each phase of the refit by Annapolis Rigging made what I thought might be a daunting project easily manageable.

The cost was slightly under $7,000, plus yard crane fees to pull and replace the mast.

Annapolis Rigging 7346 Edgewood Road, Annapolis, MD 21403; (410) 493-9522; The contact person is Jay Herman,

Rigging Refit: News & Updates
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