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Improvement Ideas for Alerions

June 20, 2009

From the log of David Cochran's Ergo:

I have found that the storage in the Alerion Express 28 is inadequate and where it does exist, it is somewhat unusable. I made a shelf to fit under the chart table that increases the storage capabilities there and makes for storage that is not susceptible to getting wet from water from the bilge when heeling seriously — Photo #1. I next made a shelf under the sink as shown in Photo #2. Finally, I made a cover for the sink such that it is now used as a storage bin and has a useable surface on the top — Photo #3. Costs on these were essentially nothing as I used scrap materials.

I have had trouble sailing wing and wing because the jib refuses to stay out. This is especially true in light air because of the tendency of the boom to center itself. I installed a ring on the track on the mast and bought an extendable whisker pole. These can be seen in Photos #5 and #6. The pole is a Forespar FOR406100 ADJ 6-12 with latch fittings on both ends. The total cost on this was about $200. I have just installed this and have not tested it.

I had a dodger made by Galesville Yacht Canvas located in West River Yacht Harbor (See photos #7 and #8). It comes in 6 pieces — top, center front, left and right front, and left and right side. I am adding a seventh piece that will extend the top aft. This is a great dodger that you can have any combination of the panels up. It really helps keep the sun and rain out.

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