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2018 Leukemia Cup Race Report

We lucked out yesterday with the weather and got 3 good races in without rain or thunderstorms. In fact, in talking last evening to the other race committee members, we had more wind in our location off of Back Creek and Lake Ogleton than the other circles had out in the main Bay. We had around 6-9 kts. of wind and they had more like 3-6. Our course that the AYC Race Committee laid out for us was similar to the course for the AYC Harbor Regatta. Windward/leewards twice around with the weather mark at about 50 degrees. The order of start was Alerions, Cal 25's, Harbor 20's and Herrshoff 12.5's. It worked well and all fleets maintained a reasonable amount of separation.

We had 4 Alerion 28's. Halcyon (Jason Goscha), Escape (Jim Kizziar), Magic (Jonah Seiger) and Skimmer (Jack & Marti Detweiler). No real significant shifts or major weather changes, although the breeze built a little as the day progressed and there was more pressure on the right side of the course. Our fleet was pretty close all day.

Skimmer ended up winning the Regatta with Magic in second place. Race results:

Official results at SpinSheet Magazine has more photos posted on their website.

- Jack Detweiler

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