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2019 AYC Fall Series Race Report

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

With a weather forecast of no wind, the AYC Race Committee postponed the Regatta by an hour and started the 4 boat Alerion Fleet (Magic, Linnaea, Halcyon and Skimmer) at 1200 in a surprising 6-11 Kt. breeze from the southeast. The day consisted of 3 of the standard twice around windward/leeward courses with half mile weather legs at 165 degrees and downwind finishes. The AYC Race Committee did there typically efficient job including changing the length of the starting line for each race to accommodate the larger Harbor 20 Fleet and the smaller Alerion Fleet. With all of that, they still got the 3 Alerion starts off with little delay, although one needed to be recalled, because of the Harbor 20 Fleet finishing at the same time we were trying to start  

This was the last of 7 Regattas for the Season for the Chesapeake Alerion 28 Fleet. We had 6 boats registered to give us more than the required 5 boats for a start. The top 3 boats on Saturday, Magic - 1st, Lennaea - 2nd and Halcyon - 3rd, were all vying for the season High Point Championship, as the scoring was very close going into the Regatta. The racing was very competitive all day with multiple position changes on the course, just like it has been all season. The fleet returned to flooded streets and docks and an awards event at the AYC Club House at 5:00 PM.

Official results are posted at

Please hold the date of Saturday, November 16 at 1200 for our Annual Meeting, where we will present the Perpetual Trophy for Champion of the Chesapeake and discuss our plans for 2020, which will include a racing schedule, possible rendezvous and other events. This seemed to be the best time based on the poll that was circulated. Hopefully, some others can accommodate to join us. We are attempting to arrange a lunch at AYC and will let you all know for sure.

- Jack Detweiler, Fleet Captain

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