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2019 Hospice Cup Race Report

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Saturday had the best sailing conditions that we have experienced all year for one of our Regattas. We had a steady 10 - 15 kts. or so out of the SSE, which was probably more like mid teens most of the day. We had an ebbing tide during the whole race. 

We had 4 Alerion that were in the 2nd start at 1135, behind the Cal 25's. We sailed an 8.1 mile course with port roundings with the start at R-2 then a close reach to G-87 then a long down wind leg to G-91 near the Bay Bridge, then another close reach to a drop mark just northwest of C-1 and then an upwind leg back to the  finish line at R-2.

It was a really fun and  competitive race with all 4 boats very close to each other all day. In fact, the last place boat in our fleet was only 50 seconds behind the first place boat after 8.1 miles and almost 1 hour and 40 minutes.  Skimmer took first, Linnaea, finished in 2nd place, beating Halcyon by 1 second.

Complete results are posted at

There were 4 classes that had there own starts in our race circle. Cal 25's, Alerion 28's, CRCA non-spinnaker and CRCA Spinnaker. There were some Hospice classes that started after us with a pursuit starting sequence. I am attaching a sheet that shows the finishes of the 4 classes that had their own starts and how they did against each other based on ORR ez handicap scoring for the day. I think that is very interesting. Our 4 Alerions finished 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th overall on corrected time out of 23 boats. 

Next up is the last Regatta of the year, the AYC Fall Series River Race on October 12. We should also start thinking about getting together for lunch some time later this fall for some 2020 planning.

-- Jack Detweiler, Fleet Captain

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