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2020 EYC One Design Classic & Popular Island Race Report

The EYC One Design Classic was held Saturday June 27th in the Severn River around government marks, due to restrictions created by COVID-19. Three Alerion 28's, Caroline, Halcyon and Skimmer made up one of five classes that raced. The Alerions sailed 3 races that covered almost 19 miles with oscillating WSW winds in the mid to upper teens.

To view additional images or to purchase copies, visit spin

All 3 races started and finished at G-9. 2 of the races were 7.4 miles out to R-2 and back. There wasn't a tack all day in all 3 races, except around the various government marks. It was a drag race through waves and boat wake from start to finish with Caroline 1st, Halcyon 2nd and Skimmer 3rd in all 3 races. Congrats to the McNeil clan on Caroline, Jason, Stacey and Finlay on Halcyon and to Marti Detweiler on Skimmer for helming all day in difficult conditions.   

Official results posted at

Further down the Bay, our Herrington Harbor contingent, Liberty Prevails and Resilient, competed in the Poplar Island Race. This is a short handed race out in the Bay around government marks that can be sailed either clock-wise or counterclockwise, at the choice of each competitor. We had it as a scheduled non-high point race for June 6 and it was postponed to this past Saturday, the same day as the EYC One Design Classic.

Congratulations to Eunice Lin on Liberty Prevails for a second place in the double-handed non-spin division and to Bob Spann on Resilient for a 4th place in the solo non-spin division. They both sailed the race in about 3 1/2 hours. Liberty Prevails only lost to Muskrat, a modified J/105 and Bob Spann was only a little over 10 minutes corrected behind another J/105, Bump in the Night. Wolves in sheep's clothing both. Complete results for the Popular Island race are posted here.

Next up in Annapolis: the AYC Annual Regatta on July 25

- Jack Detweiler, Fleet Captain

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