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2017 High Point Results

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Congratulations to Jack and Marti Detweiler on Skimmer for winning the 2017 season high point competition! Thanks to everyone who came out and raced this year.

Below are the full year's scores for all 5 boats that completed enough races to qualify for High Point scoring.

The overall winner for the year was determined by the CBYRA-sanctioned high point scoring system. In each race in a regatta, boats received points equal to the number of boats she beats, plus one point for starting and one point for finishing. The total points earned were converted to a decimal fraction.

Chesapeake Alerion 2017 High Point Award
At the annual planning meeting in November, Jack Detweiler accepts the High Point trophy on behalf of the crew of Skimmer from past winner Kevin McNeil.

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