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2017 AYC Summer One Design Race Report

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

It certainly wasn't a dull day on the Bay Saturday. Four fleets lined up at 1400 to have some fun with a projected four race regatta schedule. The race committee started on time with the J/70's in the first start, followed by the J/80's, J/22's and then our Alerion Fleet consisting of Liberty Prevails and Resilient that made the trip up from Herrington Harbor the day before to join in the regatta and four Annapolis based boats, Escape, Blue Moon, Halcyon and Skimmer.

The course was a windward/leeward of 4 legs(2 laps), with a weather leg at 160 degrees and .7 miles. All 6 of our boats got off the line clean and sailed a competitive weather leg in 6-8 kts. of breeze. Shortly after turning the weather offset mark and heading down wind wing and wing on the second leg of the course, the race committee came on the radio warning of severe thunderstorms approaching and advised the J/70's and J/80's to finish their race and head for home and the J/22's and Alerions to round one off the gates at the leeward end of the course and to finish the race upwind with a shortened weather leg. As we crossed the finish line and looked west at the jet black sky, we quickly started our engines, doused sails and were still securing mains and grabbing rain and life jackets when the storm hit us in earnest.

Bob Spann, "Resilient" reported seeing 56 kts. on his wind instrument. Jim Kizziar, "Escape" reported winds in the 50's and one reading of 68 and we were told later that NOAA reported a gust of 72. I don't know for sure, because it was hard to see anything. I last remember seeing 1 A-H and had a boat heading of 335, but moments later couldn't see a thing and wasn't sure were we were going. After getting blown around, we saw the committee boat and followed them until things calmed down. Jason Goscha, "Halcyon" later said that he ran with the wind and when visibility cleared, he was almost out to an anchored tanker. Fortunately, the whole fleet, including the J/22's without engines, made it home safely.

We gathered under the tent at the AYC Sailing center later for the awards party and relived the day. Complete race results can be found on the AYC website, and are posted below.

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