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2017 BYB&G Regatta for CRAB Race Report

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

There were only 2 of us that signed up and competed again this year in this regatta. Skimmer and Juice. It was the typical pursuit start on an extremely light air day and with a 30 or 45 minute postponement, the starting sequence finally began for a 5 mile government mark course that went from R-2 to G-87 to a drop mark up toward the Bay Bridge and then back to a drop mark near R-2 and then the finish at R-2. The wind was a very light 3-6 kts. out of the NE. There was a 30 degree shift to the right on the first beat and Juice, being further right than Skimmer, took advantage of it and rounded G-1 in first place.

Unfortunately, the long down wind slog to the drop mark near the Bay Bridge proved difficult for Juice. Not having a light air jib boom extender and with some young folks on the boat that were not happy at all with the heat and the slatting of sails, they made a prudent decision and decided to retire for the day. Skimmer completed the entire course in about 3 hours and just made the time limit. The wind did pick up to 7-9 kts. for the last leg of the course.

SpinSheet Magazine has more photos posted on their website

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